Casablanca itinerary 7 days

Casablanca itinerary 7 days

Tour overview:

Casablanca itinerary 7 days tour across Merzouga desert to Marrakech. This Casablanca desert tour includes 2 days in Fes and a night in Merzouga desert. Therefore, you will do camel trekking to experience an overnight in Berber tents. Also, you will visit the Kasbah of Ait benhaddou and Ouarzazate.

Tour highlights

Tour itinerary

Day 1: Casablanca to Fes via Rabat

We will start our tour by visiting Rabat first. Thus, we will visit the mosque of Hassan tower, one of the biggest and uncomplete mosque in the world. After that, we will drive on the highway to arrive to Meknes.
There are 4 imperial cities in Morocco, Meknes was the third capital. Before we go to Fes, we will discover Bab Mensour gate and Sahrij swni. Thereafter, we will drive on the highway to Fes and that will be the end of the first day of our Casablanca itinerary 7 days.

Day 2: Total day in Fes

On the second day of our  Casablanca desert tours itinerary 7 days, We will book a local Fes tour guide for you. Therefore, he will come to your accommodation in the morning. Thereafter, he will explain to you and take you to visit what makes Fes a cultural city. Firstly, We will visit Dar El Makhzan, one of the 12 palaces of the king.Secondly, he will take you to visit not only the blue gate, Medina old door, but also the tanneries where they make clothes from the leather. Furthermore, you will have a panoramic view at the Borj Nord and the first and still function university in the world, even before the univeristy of Bologna, Italy. After wondering around the city, the guide will go with you to your accommodation.

Day 3: Fes to Merzouga via Ziz Valley

The highlight of our  Casablanca desert tours itinerary 7 days is Merzouga desert. First of all, we will visit Ifrane, the most cleanest city in Morocco, it’s the Switzerland of Morocco. Then, we will visit the forest of cedar tress to discover the monkeys.
After lunch, we will drive through the high atlas mountains to arrive to Ziz valley dam. After that, we will cross the city of fossils and date fruits, Arfoud. In the laste afternoon, we will take you to one of Merzouga Hotels for the night.

Day 4: Merzouga desert tours

On this day, we will take you on a local Merzouga guided tour. We will take you to listen to the Gnaoua music at Khamlia. After that, we will visit one of Morocco’s Mines of Salt and Kohl “Mascara”. Thereafter, We will not only make a stop at a panoramic view but also a visit to a nomadic family.
At the tents of the nomadic family, we will show you their life style, how they cook, how they travel and how they look after their herd. After that, we will make a safari on the dunes of Erg Chebbi before lunch.
After lunch, we will have some rest before we do the highlight of our  Casablanca desert tours itinerary 7 days. Therefore, an hour before sunset, we will take you on the camels across the dunes to the camps to experience the nomadic life.

Day 5: Merzouga to Dades Gorges via Rissani

On our fifth day, we will drive to Dades Valley. Before, we will drive you through Rissani, the King’s original city, we will stop at an old gate for photos. After that, we will drive you to visit the canyons of Todgha Gorges. Also, we will make some stops, one at the monkey toes mountains and one at the curves of Tisdrine. Eventually, we will take you to spend the night in one of Dades gorges hotels.

Day 6: Dades Gorges to Marrakech via Ait Ben Haddou and Ouarzazate

We will keep on our trip towards Marrakech via Tichka pass. Before, we will visit the rose valley, and pass through Skoura village. Thereafter, We will drive to Ouarzazate, the Hollywood of Africa, we will visit one of the atlas studios. After that, we will drive to Ait Benhaddou Kasbah, one of the Berber fortresses where they make many parts of movies. For instance, Lawrance of Arabia and Gladiator.
We will drive throw the high atlas mountains, we will make a stop at the highest point of 2260m and at the argan oil cooperative. Eventually, we will arrive to Marrakech late afternoon.

Day 7: Marrakech to the airporte in Casablanca or in Marrakech

Marrakech will be visited with a local guide. Therefore, in the morning, we will send you one of Marrakech guides. Firstly, you will visit the gardens of Menara and Majorelle. Moreover, you will visit the kings palace and Saadien tombs. Also, you will discover the mosque of Kotobia and also the square of Jamaa El Fnna. Furthermore, you will explore Bahia palace and the house of photography.
In the end, we can drive you to Casablanca or take you to you accommodation in Marrakech, And that’s the end of our  Casablanca desert tours itinerary 7 days.

Tour includes and excludes:




After a long journey, finally, we arrived to Merzouga. There we expect the guys who guides us through the desert .

Around 17:00h we started the route with camels through the desert, where we could enjoy a fantastic sunset. After an hour and a half, we arrived at the camp. It was dark , we leave our things into the "haimas" and then...to dinner! It was delicious, but the best was the animation after the dinner. The guides gave us a concert and later we were taught to play the drums.
Finally, we enjoy the most magical moment of the day, we observed the spectacular sky filled with countless stars.
In short , it was an unforgettable experience with fantastic guides.
I'm going to repeat the experience, for sure!!!

Suss y

February 2017

I arrived in Merzouga in the afternoon to begin the tour through the Sahara with my sister. From the start, the staff were all very welcoming and kind. The Berber camel guides took us through an amazing landscape of the Sahara desert to where our campsite was located. We had some down time to take in the beautiful scenery, golden sands that stretched out for miles upon miles. We sat on top of the sand dunes as the staff prepared a wonderful dinner consisting of vegetable and chicken tagine-a traditional Moroccan dish. After dinner, our Berber hosts invited us to sit around the fire while they drummed traditional Moroccan music under the stars. This was one of my favorite parts of the experience because everyone joined in laughing and dancing amongst the beautiful music. Mustapha, one of the Berbers even came around and taught us each how to drum a few beats, he was so helpful and willing to help us out with anything. In the morning, we rode the camels back as the sun peaked out from the horizon-a beautiful experience.

Mary K

August 2018

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Highlights overview


casablanca city, the “white city”, is the largest city in Morocco, a huge port and actually the second capital of the state. And the largest tourist center on the Atlantic coast of the country: around it there are several popular beach destinations. People come here for the oriental color and interesting shopping, there are mosques, Catholic and Orthodox churches, oriental bazaars and French monuments – everyone will find something interesting.

Top 10 Sights in Casablanca City

-Hassan II Mosque

-El Hank Lighthouse

-Mohammed V Square Ensemble

-Old Medina of Casablanca

-Museum of the Jewish Community of Morocco

-Sacred Heart Cathedral

-Abdurahman Slough Museum

-Haboos Quarterly

-Notre Dame de Lourdes Cathedral

-Tamaris Water Park

-Airport in Casablanca


Marrakech A city in southwestern Morocco, in the foothills of the High Atlas. Founded around 1070 (according to other sources, in 1060 or 1062) by the Almoravids. In the XI-XVII centuries, capital of Morocco. It is a medieval city surrounded by walls with rectangular towers and gates, including the Medina (the old town), the Casbah (fortress) and the Agvedal Gardens with pavilions and pools. Monuments of the medina: Qubba al-Baruddin (domed pavilion, decorated with carvings of stone and stucco, – part of the palace of the unparished Almoravid, first half of the XII century.) Mosques – Qutubiya (concrete, stone, brick, XII century. Kutubiya (concrete, stone, brick, 12th century.); 17 transverse and one longitudinal nave, domes with stalactites, artesonado) with minaret (stone, 1184-99), Ben Salih with minaret (1331), Bab Dukkala (1557; 7 naves); Ben Youssef Madrassah (1565; 8 courtyards, stone carvings, stukkas, painted tiles – zilliji), Zawiya Sidi bel Abbas as-Sabti (16th century cult ensemble, 1184-99, the walls of the mosque were decorated with stone tiles), Zawiya Sidi Bel Abbas as-Sabti (16 naves). , carved stucco); the palace of Bahia (1894-1900; garden). Kasbah monuments: Bab-Agvenau (gate; 12th century, carved stone decoration), mosque (1197), necropolis with sepulchres from second half of 16th century, palaces – Badi (1578-93; in ruins) and Dar el-Makhzen (late 19th century; garden). The modern city was founded in 1913 to the west of the medina. Marrakesh is an old center of carpet-weaving, stone articles, etc. Museums: Museum of Moroccan Art (in the palace of Dar Said, late 19th century.), Museum of Treasures and Ceramics. Ruins of the Tasgimut Fortress (12th century), 30 km south-east of Marrakech.

Holidays in Marrakech

Marrakech is one of the imperial cities of Morocco. Marrakech is famous for its gardens, mosques and ancient buildings of Arab-African architecture. If you buy a tour to Marrakech, you will surely remember the fairy tales of Scheherazade. Majestic palaces, gardens buried in verdure, markets full of colorful products, the atmosphere of the East – this is what to come here for. Marrakech is suitable for excursions. The city is far from the coast, so it is not a beach resort. Typically, tourists from Russia stay in Marrakech for 2-3 nights according to the tour program.

Marrakech Attractions

Marrakech is a Moroccan Cities hardly a vacation destination in the sense that you will be here for the entire trip. Yes, it is a very beautiful city where you can experience a culture shock. You will be struck by the flavor of the place: majestic palaces, gardens buried in verdure, markets abounding with colorful merchandise, mosques, ancient buildings. To visit the sights is enough to go to Marrakech for 1-3 days from the resort, where you are staying.


One of the three imperial Moroccan cities. The city is not popular among tourists, as it is not a beach resort. Mostly come to Meknes with a tour. If you have time and want to feel the atmosphere of the Arab East, then go here. Meknes conditionally divided into two parts: in the medina concentrated historical monuments – palaces, mausoleums, ancient buildings, and in the new part of town – cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops. Meknes also attracts tourists with a very luxurious pastime – here you can play golf in the royal gardens. Near Meknes there are also famous Roman ruins of Volubilis, which are included in the list of cultural heritage of UNESCO.

Meknes is one of the three imperial cities of Morocco. The city is not popular among tourists because it is not a beach resort. Mostly come to Meknes with a tour. If you have time and want to feel the atmosphere of the Arab East, go here. Meknes conditionally divided into two parts: in the medina concentrated historical monuments – palaces, mausoleums, ancient buildings, and in the new part of town – cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops. Meknes also attracts tourists with a very luxurious pastime – here you can play golf in the royal gardens. Near Meknes there are also famous Roman ruins of Volubilis, which are included in the list of cultural heritage of UNESCO.

How to get to Meknes?

There are no direct flights from Novosibirsk to Morocco. Tourists from Siberia get to Morocco with a connection in Moscow.

By direct flight to Casablanca, then go to Meknes. The distance between the resorts is 240 kilometers. You can get there by bus, rent a car or pre-book a transfer.

Also from Casablanca and other resorts in Morocco you can get to Meknes by train.

Meknes Attractions

Tours to Meknes are not popular with tourists because there are fewer hotels. It is quieter than other resorts, and you can enjoy the beauty of historical monuments. To visit the sights enough to go to Meknes for 1-2 days along with a tour.

What to do in Meknes?

Take a walk in the medina

Of course, the heart of Meknes is the medina. The main attractions are located here. If you buy a tour to Meknes, be sure to walk through the medina. The old town is an Arab quarter with a lot of intricate streets and fairly dense housing. Along the perimeter of the medina are 10-meter stone walls with corner towers, which were built to protect against Berber raids. You can enter the medina through the Bab el-Mansour Gate. The beautiful gate with its mosaic patterns and fine stucco work is already a tourist attraction. They were built in the 18th century and are still considered the most beautiful gates in Morocco.

Walking around the old city, you will notice that the city has preserved many historical sites. Meknes was once the capital of the powerful Sultan Moulay Ismail. During his reign, many palaces, gardens, and mosques were built. In fact, the large number of mosques contributed to the fact that Meknes is called the “city of a thousand minarets. Recall that non-Muslims are forbidden to enter the mosques, but you can admire the exterior. The most popular mosque in Meknes is the Great Mosque with its majestic carved doors. Not far from the mosque is the Madrasa Bu Inania. It is built in an airy Spanish-Moorish style and is a landmark.

The medina is also home to famous palaces. Dar Jamai Palace was built in the late 19th century in the best Moorish traditions. The building is decorated with mosaic and tile tiles and festooned arches. Next to the palace there is a beautiful garden with cypress and orange trees. Nowadays in the palace there is an ethnographic museum. Visitors can get acquainted with the elements of everyday life, a rich collection of embossing, antique jewelry. Another palace, El Mansour, has become a popular tourist store.

Another of the attractions of Meknes located in the medina is the medieval building complex Kheri es-Suani. It combines stables, grain storage facilities, and an Agdal pond. These stables once housed more than 12,000 horses and the wheels of the waterworks were turned by slaves. After a full day’s sightseeing, you can pause and admire the water of the Agdal Pond.

The center and the magnet of the medina is El Khedim Square. During the day, vendors sell souvenirs, and in the evening the area is transformed into an open-air theater: snake tamers, artists, dancers performing unusual dances, acrobats, fire swallowers and much more. The feeling of plunging into an oriental fairy tale. You can also eat tasty and inexpensive food here – the site turns into a huge food court.

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