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What is Morocco trip blog?

Morocco trip blog is your guide to discover the real Morocco even before visiting it. However, we will share with you a number of facts that we collected from our experience in this country. Being the locals of Morocco is what makes us special when it comes to things about this country. With our blog we will be discussing in detials the important things that you should know about Moroccans and their country. Starting from the Moroccan people to thier culture and morals.

Morocco trip blog

Why Morocco trip blog?

If you are willing to visit Morocco soon, this should be your first stop. However, our bolg is different and we try our best to inrich it as much as we can, so that you have an idea even bofore traveling to Morocco. Morocco trip blog is one of our periorities because we know the importamce of the information that should be transmitted. Not everyone will share the real informations and facts, that is why we are  here as the locals of this country to collect information from the surroundings and share them.

morocco trip blog

Our goal as Morocco trip blog

Above all, our ultimate aim as Morocco trip blog is to feed you with useful information that could be helpful if it happened and you visited Morocco.

Mprpccan food

Moroccan food

During our stay in Morocco we tried many dishes of local cuisine. Before going to Morocco we associated Arab cuisine with interesting flavors, combinations of oriental spices with meat and vegetables, fragrant varieties of tea, delicious seafood. So what did … Read More

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Casablanca City

Casablanca city

Casablanca city, the “white city”, is the largest city in Morocco, a huge port and actually the second capital of the state. And the largest tourist center on the Atlantic coast of the country: around it there are several popular … Read More

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Moroccan tea

Moroccan tea

It’s over 30 degrees outside and you want to cheer up, refresh yourself and stop thinking about the cauldrons of hell? Try the traditional Moroccan tea, which has been saving the whole of North Africa from the heat for centuries. … Read More

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moroccan Cities

Moroccans peopele

Who are the Moroccans peopele? Their religion is close to the Arab world, and their traditions resemble those of Europe in no small measure. There is a subtlety and a special understanding of the world that they bring to their … Read More

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Things to do in Fes

Things to do in Fes, best attractions to visit

For more information about things to do in Fes follow this article, Emblematic city of Morocco, Fez has everything to seduce. And this is not new. Since its creation in 789, it was proclaimed official capital on many occasions, mainly … Read More

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2 days from Marrakech to Zagora desert

Things to see in Marrakech

Marrakech is one of the famous cities in the country of Morocco. so what are the top things to see and discover in the red city of Marrakech? Jemaâ el-Fna Square It is one of the things to see in … Read More

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4 days tour from Fes to Merzouga

What to do in Merzouga desert Morocco

The dunes of Merzouga and other nearby oases At 35 km from Rissani, 50 km from Erfoud and 130 from Errachidia, along the N-13 road, is this impressive dune complex called Er Chebbi. Read more about what to do in … Read More

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Moroccan soup is the best thing to drink

Harira, the divine Moroccan soup

In Morocco and western Algeria, women prepare a dish for breaking the fast: harira. In this article, you will get to know about the Moroccan soup. For all practicing Muslims, during the month of Ramadan, the Qur’an is clear: no … Read More

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