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Trips Around Morocco is a travel agency in Morocco based in ERG CHEBBI. Since 2016 we are making tours around the country. Therefore, if you are wiling to visit Morocco we can customize you a trip according to your needs. Also, you can choose from our tours itineraries that are already made by our team.

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Why Trips Around Morocco travel agency?

Our Morocco travel agency is designed by a Berber family based in Merzouga desert. As in every country, locals know better than the travelers who guide tourists. Further, there are many secrets in our country that only locals know about. Therefore, we have a professional team of guides and driver who are ready to show you every interesting, historical and cultural place in the country. Also, according to our customers reviews on TripAdvisor, we are classified the first in making camel rides and nights in nomad camps.

Tours Around Morocco:

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You will get to know a lot about our company, Trips Around Morocco, through our customers reviews. With that being said, if you have already been on one of our tours, your comment is important for us, please write about your experience with us.

Enjoyed Every bit of our stay

We did a 3 days tours with Trips Around Morocco and it was the best experience that we have do, my friends and I did really enjoy the tour with Mustapha was our guide and he really explained for us the cultures of berbers and arabic, which we did really feel that we have visited Morocco, highly recomended
Thanks Trips Around Morocco

Katrin f

January 2019

Gran experiencia, Mejores personas!

We had such a great time in Morocco! Hassan and Ali were very kind and helpful. They told us how to navigate the city, they got us on a great desert tour on Camel and JEEP cuting through the dunes! amazing! They also shared their food and stories with us. We couldn't be more thankful for their hospitality. We would certainly recommend anyone who goes to Morocco to get in touch with these wonderful people!

Sara g

January 2019


Took a three day trip from Marrakech with one night sleeping in the Berber camp in Mergouza. Great sights along the way but the highlight was definitely the night in the desert. Camel ride was awesome and the men who lived at the camp were hilarious. Slept under the stars next to the fire rather than in the tent. Go on this tour!!

Kinza A

January 2019

best company for your trip in Morocco

This was my first trip with the children outside Europe and I was a bit apprehensive. I had a wonderful experience and I can highly recommend Hassan from Trips Around Morocco. He was very helpful and did a great job organising the trip. I was very happy to finally meet him in person in Morocco; he is a nice and kind person and fully trustworthy. We did the five-day tour from Marrakesh to Merzouga: this was a superb tour with an amazing day in the desert. The children had a blast on the sand dunes and loved the ride on the camel. Our driver Hassan from Maroc Expedition was great as well. Thank you to everyone for such a wonderful experience!

hicham b

October 2019

Great Experience !

Had 3 unforgivable days with Hassan, who is a energetic, humorous, enthusiastic and talented chap from Merzouga. He played traditional drummers after we had dinner, it was really enjoyable. We spent one night in Sahara desert, and was accommodate in a stout and warm tent, despite it was pretty windy at that night, I fell sleep fairly well. Food provided by the camp was amazing, even better than those I had in the cities. Staffs were quite nice. Would recommend trips around morocco a thousand of times !

Ye T

April 2017

Experience Morocco like never before

Morocco is a country in south africa. It is charecterized for its many landscapes. Further, the best way to discover them is to hire a travel agency with local staff. Trips Around Morocco made it easy, we are available to answer our dear client' questions, customize the best itineraries for them.

Start your adventure today

With Trips Around Morocco travel agency, you will ride camels in the heart of the Sahara desert, you will enjoy exploring the fascinating Kasbahs. To sum up, we are here to make your Morocco trip unforgettable.

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This is the best way to experience trips around Morocco. With our travel agency, You can sit back and relax as your tour guide shows you the best attractions in the most efficient way possible.

Top Cities destinations to visit with trips around Morocco:

You will enjoy trips around Morocco in many lovely locations and amazing experiences. So we list them for you below to give you an idea of what you’re going to do.

Not all the specifics are in the list. Please feel free to ask if you are happy to add any city, activity or stop on your journey.


a Moroccan city in the High Atlas foothills. It was established in 1062. Its historic quarter is surrounded by well-preserved fortress walls, hence the name Berber, marrakush ‘fortified’. Also see Morocco.

Marrakech, sometimes known as Marrakesh in English and Marrakush in Arabic, is a city in the southwest of Morocco. At the foot of the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. With suburbs, the population was 1.5 million in 2003. It was built in 1062; it was the old capital of the Almoravid state, later of West Maghreb; it grew as a commercial center beginning in the 12th century.

Sultans’ traditional southern capital. The Old City’s walls, which included rectangular towers and gates adorned with stone carvings, have survived. The Medina is a maze of tiny alleyways, red clay buildings, bazaars and squares, mosques including Al-Qutubiya – one of the best Moorish art monuments, minarets, madrasahs, prayer houses, tombs, and palaces from the XII-XVI centuries. To the south of the medina is a complex of XII-XVII century gardens and parks with pavilions, lakes, and fountains of fruit trees, palm trees, and olive groves.


A good visitor who visits the lovely city of Fez will never be sorry. Fez is the most visible representation of the Muslim east, with loud street merchants and a delicate spice flavor. Many cultures have merged in Fez, giving the city a varied oriental feel.

Fez is known as an imperial city because it is one of Morocco’s four oldest communities, each founded by a member of a royal family who fled their ancestral country and sought a new home on the eastern side of the Atlantic.

Fez is located in Morocco’s semi-desert zone, east of the country’s capital, Rabat. Fes is accessible by train from Casablanca and Rabat, both of which have significant airports. However, Fes has its own airport that receives international flights and is located 15 kilometers from the city. You may go to the city center by taxi or shuttle bus.


Casablanca is the administrative headquarters of the Casablanca Prefecture and the country’s principal transport and economic center. After Cairo, it is Africa’s second largest metropolis. Casablanca is located on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. Casablanca’s port is the largest in Morocco and the fourth largest in Africa.

Anfa, a Berber settlement, founded the city in the seventh century. Its people dealt with Mediterranean merchants, and the local harbor later became a sanctuary for pirates. The Portuguese decided to put an end to the plundering in the 15th century, and after attacking the settlement, they burned it down. They built a fort called Casa Blanca (White House, Arabic: Dar el Beida).

In contrast to Rabat, the official capital, Fez, and the two unofficial (summer residences of the King), Marrakech and Tangier, Casablanca is known as Morocco’s business hub. Casablanca (population 2.9 million) features dozens of banks, thousands of businesses, enterprises, agencies, intermediates, offices, and subsidiaries, and over 100 hotels. A block of Notre Dame de Lourdes Cathedral, a gigantic concrete structure with huge colored stained glass windows, rises in the city’s business district.


A city in the Southwest. Morocco. In 2003, the population was 622,000 people. It is an Atlantic Ocean port located near the mouth of the Sousse River. It was formed as a fishermen’s settlement by the Portuguese in 1500, and it has been a part of Morocco since 1536. It was a major foreign commerce center from the 17th to the 18th centuries, but it declined once trade with Europeans was prohibited in the 19th century. In 1930, the port was reopened. In 1960, an earthquake severely damaged the port of Astrakhan, killing 15,000 people. The country’s main fish industry center. International resort with a pleasant temperature and beautiful sandy beaches.

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