New Year’s Eve In Morocco
New Years Eve In Morocco

New Year’s Eve In Morocco

If you haven’t yet decided where to spend your New Year’s Eve, Morocco is a good option. This country offers a beautiful vacation, as well as a variety of interesting sites, nice chilly weather, fresh juices, and delicious meat meals.

5 Reasons to Spend New Year in the Sahara Desert

You may ride a camel into the desert and stay in a tent with the Berbers for the New Year if you want to be in the most bizarre area on the planet. This is a well-liked pastime. In addition, the Sahara’s prime travel season is winter. Be aware that it will be rather warm during the day – around 20 degrees – and that the temperature may drop to zero at night.

You can also spend the New Year in Morocco by gathering in Marrakech, the country’s brightest and most fascinating city. People simply arrive in the central area, stroll a short distance, and select a spot under an outstretched tent to eat an appetizing-smelling beef dish.

Experience the Vibrant Nightlife of Casablanca

Casablanca is the most cosmopolitan and contemporary resort city. The nightlife is alive and well here, with bars and discos operating till late. For people who enjoy multinational companies and loud entertainment, it will be entertaining and interesting.

Go to the Atlas Mountains if you wish to celebrate the New Year in Morocco at one of the ski resorts. This is where you’ll find the fantastic Oukaimeden resort. You’ll find over a kilometer of ski slopes and hotels ready to welcome athletes.

Discovering Essaouira: A Cultural Escape

In the Moroccan city of Essaouira, you may mix cultural recreation with sports for the New Year. Because the Atlantic Ocean is continually blowing and there is always a wave on the shore of this city, the best surf stations in Morocco are located here, and surfing competitions are held regularly. Simply bring a warm wetsuit, as the wind is really strong here and the ocean water is rather cold.

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The Best Places To Visit In Morocco For New Year’s Eve.

The majority of Moroccans spend the New Year’s celebrations in a frenzy of excitement and amusement. In Morocco, there are numerous venues to ring in the new year, including Marrakech, Rabat, Fes, Meknes, and others. Morocco has a few cities that are slightly more expensive. Nonetheless, it is worthwhile to explore the important sites in Morocco. Spend the New Year’s eve in style, with mind-blowing locations to visit and a fusion of cultures and vibrant nightlife. We’ve compiled a list of the top places in Morocco to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Take a look!


Marrakech is Morocco’s most vibrant city, located north of the Atlas Mountains. Several bustling bazaars for shopping can be found all over Marrakech. Hang out with your friends and family in Marrakech’s crowded streets to buy some of the most important products. Belly dance performances, traditional musical events, and more are among the particular Marrakech New Year’s Eve attractions in Morocco. During the day, this location will be bustling with merchants offering a wide range of goods, including traditional leather water bags, brass cups, and more.


The Fes El Bali fortified medina in Fez, Morocco’s cultural center, is well-known. It is a historic Maghreb city in Morocco’s northeastern area. The boulevards of Ville Nouvelle are one of Fez’s most notable attractions. The main attraction in Fez is Fes el-Bali, which combines antique and modern architecture. Make sure to sample the delectable cuisine served in some of Fes’ most opulent hotels. Visitors who come to this location to ring in the new year certainly appreciate the city’s architecture.


Chefchaouen is a wonderful Moroccan tourist destination, has several scenic and beautiful locations where you may take some of the best selfies. The blue city is the country’s most populous city, located in Morocco’s northwest region. The blue pearl’s residents refer to it as “Morocco’s Blue Pearl.” It is one of the best cities to visit if you want to take in the sights and go to other locations. Furthermore, especially for nature lovers, the weather is ideal for spending New Year in Eve Morocco. The Kasbah is the most popular tourist destination, and Chefchaouen is the greatest spot to purchase handicrafts and other unique items.


Casablanca is a must-see destination in Morocco for New Year’s Eve celebrations. Travel to Casablanca with your friends and family to have a fantastic time in Morocco. From the Casablanca Twin Center, you can take in the city’s picturesque splendor. It is the best metropolis in the world that completely embodies modernity. Casablanca, with its amazing food and architecture, is the ideal place to ring in the new year 2022 in Morocco. The majority of visitors to Morocco arrive in Casablanca to relax.


Agadir is the ideal spot to celebrate New Year in Morocco, with its gorgeous white buildings cityscape, and mesmerizing beach on the Atlantic Ocean. Apart from the beautiful scenery, Agadir has several other attractions that provide visitors with a festive mood. People can enjoy New Year’s Eve not just at night, but throughout the day as well. In Agadir, indulge in some unique activities such as a boat tour, sea fishing, and more. When you’ve had your fill of holiday fun throughout the day, head to Agadir for a wild New Year’s Eve celebration. Agadir is a bustling beach resort town known for its Agadir Bird’s Valley and Souss-Massa National Park. Spend some quality time on the Agadir beach in the evening to enjoy the fresh wind.


Do you want to know how Moroccans celebrate the New Year? Rabat, Morocco’s gorgeous administrative capital, features a plethora of tourist attractions. Explore the splendor of Morocco’s lovely beaches and gain unforgettable experiences during your vacation. Beautiful palaces, stunning beaches, and prominent museums are among Rabat’s top attractions. Another unique attraction for tourists visiting Morocco is the Kasbah of the Udayas. On New Year’s Eve, several of Rabat’s top cafés and restaurants will be open until 3 a.m., serving delectable cuisine.


Asilah is the ideal New Years Eve In Morocco destination, with stunning sandy beaches and stretched city walls. Asilah’s main attraction is Paradise Beach, where visitors can sample some delectable local cuisine. In the small souk, buy some important products. As part of your New Year’s journey to Morocco, make sure to stop by Aplanos, Asilah’s most popular art gallery. On this unique day, breathe a sigh of relaxation from the stress that has plagued you throughout the year.

That concludes our discussion. These are the greatest places in Morocco to spend the New Year with your loved ones. Hopefully, this guide on how Morocco celebrates New Year’s Eve has given you a better understanding of the country’s traditions and cultures. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments section.


Tangier, formerly known as Tanja, is a city in Morocco’s northwest region recognized for its diverse cultures and civilizations. Tourists are drawn to this city because of its history and culture. The Hercules Caves are one of Tangier’s most popular tourist attractions. When you visit this city, take in the beauty of the old caves, sample some delectable cuisine in popular cafés, and learn more about the city’s rich history.


Merzouga is a small Moroccan town in the Sahara desert. This country’s enormous desert is primarily dry, cracked ground. However, the customary dunes were only seen once, or twice, and were missed. Instead, there is just one such location. It is also near Merzouga. Her tents and dwellings are at the foot of Erg Chebbi, a massive (50 by 5 km) swath of dunes reaching 350 meters in height. There is no built infrastructure; civilization consists of a few grocers, a few cafes, and a few restaurants. The majority of visitors come to Merzouga to ride camels and experience the true Berber way of life, rather than to relax in the plush featherbeds of hotel suites.

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