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In recent years we could never have had a huge hope of achieving the dream of our lives and our love by establishing a travel agency. We are a team of four brothers. We’ve all traveled and moved from one country to another in search of a better life for ourselves and our sheep as we lived a nomadic life. Furthermore, at the time we were far from the civilized sector, we did not attend school.

The tipping point that changed all of it was our escape to Algeria when we were near the borders of Morocco and Algeria. It was in a stormy and cold evening. At the point, the herd was our only source of survival, our family could not manage this situation. The family was then forced to decide to settle in the city on a big scale. This decision was not easy because the lifestyle in this area was hard to adapt. We were able to achieve our aim and build trips around Morocco, but with persistence and a lot of sacrifice.

 trips around Morocco is a Moroccan travel agency which runs great nation tours. We are a seasoned team of brothers, who give our nation the best tours. You will enjoy our country’s beauty and know its rich past with our business.

You will live an adventure you’ll never forget together with multilingual guides.

Our knowledgeable staff is always delighted to represent you, to ensure that we can meet your wishes and fulfill your requirements.


Please feel free to email us and enjoy our Morocco tours, if Morocco is on your bucket list.

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What we offer Our company, moreover, organizes tours, tours of the kasbah, desert tours and more. In addition to other sports, including Merzouga sandboarding, a 4WD wilderness tour, quads and more.

Tours in town:

Morocco is one of Africa’s most renowned nations. It was a distinctive tourism destination with its geographical strategic position. It lands on the north side of the Mediterranean Sea and on the south side of Mauritania. Do not forget the taste of local dishes in local restaurants when flying to Morocco. The dip, the couscous, the pastilla, the rafisa and the Tangyeh are some of the things that make the dish a real difference.


Marrakech has been a city of heritage and culture for over one thousand years.

One of the world’s most evocative sites, the only thing to keep in mind is the name of photographs of this ethnic melting pot – sands, sandy streets and minarets that spring automatically against deep blue skies.

Marrakesh, known as the Red Capital, has been a popular tourist destination since the 1960s and has been drawing everyone from the Beatles to Sienna Miller due to the thick walls surrounding the old town. It is a location for the senses, none other than in the traditional souks. These dynamic markets are a whirling wind of color and noise, with crowds tightly weaving.

Without discovering some architectural masterpiece, it is almost difficult to go around Marrakesh for more than five minutes. This is a city which shows its history in its created setting, from the exquisite gardens and the intricately sketched archways to the ornate mosques. In specific, the Medina is an insight: it is a beautiful blend between Amazigh, Arab and Moorish architecture, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

Marrakech transforms cultures with magic when it comes to movies. The busiest square in Africa, with fire-eaters, baby-dancers, acrobats from the Amazigh, astrologers, and 100 other styles of lane, is Jemaa ElFnaa


Fes City is one of the most recommended destinations to visit; it is one of the world’s most romantic places and one of the best alternative towns in the world. The city is characterized by its old temples as well as its remarkable culture and civilisation from any other city.

Why do you call it?

The word Fez originates from “fa’as” in Arabic. Pickaxe is the expression “Fa’as.” The method ‘Idris I’ used to build the city walls is supposed to be. When ‘Mawla Idris’ came into Morocco with his troops fleeing away from the oppression of Abbasids he stroked the position where they landed along his axis to decide the way to build a city. Until 1925 Fez was the new capital of Morocco and the capital of the autonomous district of Fès-Meknès. Fes Al Bali, the ancient town of Fes Jdid, and the new city of France were split into three sections.


At 35 km from Rissani, 50 km from Erfoud and 130 from Errachidia, along the N-13 road, is this impressive dune complex called Er Chebbi. Read more about what to do in merzouga desert in this article.

It is an area with sandy “erg” and stone “hamada” deserts. There are channels of dry rivers on which oases follow each other in which population nuclei are installed. The Erg Chebbi is the most accessible and therefore the best known of the small ergs. It is located between the massif of Taouz and the hamada (rocky desert).

It is about 20 km long and 5 km wide, and some of its pyramidal dunes exceed a hundred meters in height. The sand of its dunes has the typical orange color of Saharan sands and is composed almost exclusively of quartz grains.

It is located to the west next to the low valley of the Ziz, where the river emanating from the Atlas mountain range is swallowed by the desert sands, occasionally floods and lagoons take place. It’s one of the top things to do in Merzouga, standing out during the rainy season (between February and March), the lagoon of Daya Tamda lies 3 km to the west where birds such as the pink flamingo abound. To the east, there is the stony hamada that extends to ‘Algeria.

Next to the dunes, surrounded by palm trees, there are three villages: Hassi Labied, to the east, which is distinguished by its palm grove, 5 km to the south is Merzouga, which has grown in recent years thanks to the development of this type of tourism and agriculture, and Khemliya, 6 km, south of the previous one, which is characterized by its ancient black African population, quiet and warm people, with customs different from the rest of the country, especially their famous Gnawa folklore.


Tangier, a Moroccan Cities nearly opposite Gibraltar and occupying a dominant position at the western entrance to the Mediterranean Sea; 428,000 inhabitants (1993) . It was originally the site of the ancient Roman port city of Tingis, but the walled city in its present form was built in the Middle Ages by the Moors. It was seized by the Portuguese in the late 15th century and in 1662 was passed to Britain as part of the dowry of Princess Catherine of the Portuguese Braganza dynasty before her marriage to King Charles II of England. Twenty-two years later, Britain ceded the city to the Moroccan Sultan dynasty, which continued to control the port and surrounding area until 1904. The city then remained in Morocco until 1956, when it was handed over to the Sultanate. Then until 1956 (excluding a five-year period during World War II), T. and its environs were designated a Special Zone under international control. In 1956 it was incorporated into the newly independent Kingdom of Morocco. In 1962, T. received the status of “open port” and is now a major commercial, economic, cultural and tourist center.


Casablanca means “white house” . Casablanca is a city located in western Morocco on the Atlantic Ocean, the largest port city in the country, which is located near the capital Rabat.

The affluent city of Casablanca was already known in the Middle Ages as Anfa. In the 15th century it was destroyed by the Portuguese, and in the 16th century it was completely rebuilt by them. In 1755, there was an earthquake that destroyed the city again and rebuilt it again.

In 1907 the town was occupied by the French. During their rule the city began to grow and develop rapidly. Modern Casablanca was built around the old city.

During World War II, Casablanca was the main location for the landing of American and British troops. It was also the site of negotiations between Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt.

In 1956, the French left the city due to the independence of Morocco. Casablanca faced economic difficulties. Tourism and a booming industry helped it to prosper.

Casablanca is the leading commercial city in North Africa. The city is linked to the outside world by railroads and highways, as well as by an airline and a large port located in one of the largest artificial harbors in the world. Most of Morocco’s international trade passes through Casablanca.

Exports in Casablanca include leather, wool, cereals and phosphates. The leading industrial branches are fishery, woodworking, furniture production, production of building materials. The tobacco and glass industries are also developed. Almost all banking transactions take place in Casablanca.


The capital of Moroccan Cities. The city is located on the Atlantic Ocean. Rabat is suitable for excursions. There are many attractions: the old medina, the fortress Kasbah Udaja, Hassan Minaret, the royal palace. Most Russian tourists come to Rabat for a few days of excursions.

Tours of Kasbahs:

The word “kasbah” derives from the Arabic word “casbah,” meaning “fortress” or “race.” Reeds have been used to build a roof in the past and there are very interesting properties like heat and cold safety.

You will see the charm of the Moroccan kasbahs and get to know their rich past with our Trips Around Morocco. Below is a list of Morocco’s most famous:

_Your first attracion to visit from Marrakech is Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah. It’s one of the worlds heritage of unesco where berber touaregs used to trade and stay when coming from Tomboctou.y

_The kasbah Amridil iSkoura It is located about sixty kilometers from Marrakech and is open to the public for a fee. It dates from the 17th century and was built by the Nassiri family. It hosted the shooting of several films such as Lawrence of Arabia and Ali Baba and the 40 thieves. It appeared on the old 50 dirham bills.

_The kasbah Bab Ourika Located near Marrakech, you will appreciate to relax and unwind in this kasbah which became a hotel inviting to well-being. The place has not lost its splendor and offers a magnificent view of the Ourika valley.

_The Kasbah of Oudaya in Rabat This former fortified military camp has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2012. It is composed of several monuments that trace its history. Moreover, it hosts the oldest mosque in Rabat. Built in the 12th century, it is one of the first palaces of the royal dynasty of Alaouites.

_The Tamadot Kasbah in Asni It is now a real luxury hotel with a panoramic view of the Atlas. Located about sixty kilometers from Marrakech, this kasbah has been decorated in the purest Berber tradition and offers its guests an ideal setting to relax.



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