How we are:

In recent years we could never have had a huge hope of achieving the dream of our lives and our love by establishing a travel agency. We are a team of four brothers. We’ve all traveled and moved from one country to another in search of a better life for ourselves and our sheep as we lived a nomadic life. Furthermore, at the time we were far from the civilized sector, we did not attend school.

The tipping point that changed all of it was our escape to Algeria when we were near the borders of Morocco and Algeria. It was a stormy and cold evening. At that point, the herd was our only source of survival, our family could not manage this situation. The family was then forced to decide to settle in the city on a big scale. This decision was not easy because the lifestyle in this area was hard to adapt to. We were able to achieve our aim and build trips around Morocco but with persistence and a lot of sacrifice.

Trips Around Morocco is a Moroccan travel agency that runs great national tours. We are a seasoned team of brothers, who give our nation the best tours. You will enjoy our country’s beauty and know its rich past with our business.

You will live an adventure you’ll never forget together with multilingual guides.

Our knowledgeable staff is always delighted to represent you, to ensure that we can meet your wishes and fulfill your requirements.

Please feel free to email us and enjoy our Morocco tours, if Morocco is on your bucket list.

What we are offering

What we offer Our company, moreover, organizes tours, tours of the kasbah, desert tours and more. In addition to other sports, including Merzouga sandboarding, a 4WD wilderness tour, quads, and more.