The trip, which lasts a 3-day Desert tour from Fes to Marrakech, is an opportunity to travel through Fes and arrive at the beautiful city of Marrakech, highlighting the country’s incredible diversity in a short yet exhilarating escapade.

  • Giant Mountain: Brace yourself for the awesomeness of Atlas Mountains! We will go through their steep ridges as we gaze upon Berber hamlets hanging on the slopes’ edges. Watch out for Barbary macaques gamboling through cedar woods!
  • An oasis getaway: Find yourself in a hidden paradise of evergreen valleys surrounded by desert! We will visit secret oases full of date palm trees and traditional mud-brick ksars that stand sentinel over fields that yield.
  • The dream desert: This is when it gets unforgettable! We shall embark on the camel journey across the Sahara Desert‘s golden dunes. Prepare yourselves for an enchanting night under millions of twinkling stars in a cozy camp deep into the Sahara as we watch the sun vanish beyond the horizon casting long shadows.

Kasbahs, Fascinating Landscape and Cultural Immersion

  • Kasbahs Kings: Get ready to be mesmerized by towering mud brick kasbahs- former fortresses that watched over ancient trade routes and Berber villages. Just imagine how many stories these walls encapsulate about caravans and nomads moving from one desert to another.
  • Camera Ready: The scenery on this trip is unreal! There are times when you will be surrounded by lush valleys, and there are others when you’ll have towering mountains all around. Get your camera ready to take snaps of every breathtaking sight.
  • Relax and Explore: Don’t worry, this whirlwind tour isn’t rushed. We’ll draw all attention through our sense of touch as we get the opportunity to view beautiful things here and there while experiencing some Moroccan culture. Whether you’re bargaining for treasures in a busy market or enjoying a tasty Berber meal under the stars, be sure that this trip will leave an indelible mark!

Between 7 am and 8 am.
Arrival and departure from lodging. A camel for every individual.
Berber tent lodging. A vehicle with gasoline.
Travel insurance.

3-day Desert tour from Fes to Marrakech: FAQ

How Far is Merzouga from Fes?

The distance between Fes and Merzouga is approximately 477 kilometers [296 miles]. Takes about 7 hours and 42 minutes to get from Fes to Merzouga.

How Far is boumalne dades from Merzouga?

Boumalne Dades and Merzouga are relatively close, about a 4-and-a-half-hour drive by car (approximately 248 kilometers).

How far is Marrakech from Boumanle dades?

The distance between Marrakech and Boumalne Dades is about 314 kilometers. It takes roughly 5 hours to travel between the two locations.

What type of cars is utilized for this tour?

The car you use for this tour depends on how many people are in your group. They usually have big Toyota Land Cruisers, vans, or comfy minibusses.

How do you pay to book this tour?

To hold your spot on the tour, you’ll need to pay a small deposit upfront. It’s easy – you can use PayPal or bank transfer. Then, on the first day of your adventure, you’ll pay the rest of the cost in cash directly to your awesome tour guide. They’ll accept euros, dollars, or Moroccan dirhams (their local money).


Day 1: Fes to Merzouga

On the first day, Your driver will pick you up from your hotel in Fes, as early as 7:00 am in winter and 8:00 am in summer. This ensures you catch the magical desert sunset.

The adventure starts with a drive across the Saiss plains. Keep your eyes peeled for the charming town of Ifran, nicknamed “Little Switzerland,” and Azrou, a Berber village. You might even spot some Barbary apes hanging out in the cedar forests of the Middle Atlas Mountains!

Next stop:

Midelt, a perfect spot for lunch. Refueled, you’ll cross the Ziz River with endless rows of palm trees and ancient kasbahs (fortresses). You travel towards Erfoud, Merzouga, and Erg Chebbi.

Here’s where things get exciting! Trade your car for a camel and experience the desert like a nomad. As you explore the dunes, witness the breathtaking sunset and paint the sky in vibrant colors.

After your camel ride, you’ll be whisked away to your comfortable desert camp. Here, you can freshen up and enjoy a delicious meal under a blanket of stars, accompanied by the rhythmic beats of traditional drums played by local nomads. This desert camp will be your cozy home for the night.


Day 2: Merzouga Desert – Erfoud – Tinghir – Dades Valley

Get ready for another adventure! After an exhilarating sunrise camel ride, meet your guide back in Merzouga. Today’s journey is packed with stunning sights.

First up, the enchanting oasis of Tinghir. Take a refreshing walk along the Todgha riverside, soak in the Berber culture, and learn about the lives of the local people. We’ll stop at the awe-inspiring Todgha Gorges, perfect for capturing breathtaking photos. Lunch awaits at a nearby cafe.

We’ll drive down the “Casbah Road” towards Dades Valley. This scenic route boasts a collection of ancient kasbahs. Dades Valley will be our home for tonight. After a delicious dinner, get ready to unwind and enjoy the starry desert sky.


Day 3: Dades Valley – Ouarzazate – Kasbah Ait Ben Hadou – Marrakech

After breakfast, We’ll drive through the “Valley of the Roses,” where roses are not just beautiful, but are remarkable! Here, you can visit a rosewater cooperative and discover how locals transform roses into fragrant perfumes.

Next stop:

Ouarzazate, a gateway to the desert. On the way, we’ll pass through the Skoura Oasis, brimming with date palm trees.

Ready for a history lesson? We’ll visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou. This impressive kasbah has been a backdrop for numerous Hollywood films and commercials. Fun fact: the kasbah is a collection of several smaller kasbahs cleverly combined into one giant structure!

Feeling famished? Lunch awaits at a local restaurant before we explore the kasbah further.

As the afternoon unfolds, we’ll descend through the majestic Atlas Mountains. Prepare to be amazed by traditional Berber villages built with stone and mud. Time stands still here – the shepherd lifestyle remains unchanged for centuries.

The adventure concludes in the vibrant city of Marrakech. Your driver will drop you off at your riad or hotel, marking the end of your unforgettable 3-day journey from Fes to Marrakech.



Get ready for a surprise! Nestled in the Middle Atlas Mountains, Ifrane is a charming town nicknamed “Little Switzerland” because of its European-style architecture and cool climate. Imagine a ski resort and cedar forests – a perfect escape from the heat, especially in summer.


Midelt is a town unlike any other. Located between mountain ranges, it’s a hub for agriculture and mining. Think of it as a commercial center where farmers sell their crops and miners work hard to extract valuable resources. This town is also a convenient stop on the road trip from Fes to the desert.

Merzouga Desert

This is the star of the show! The Merzouga Desert is where you’ll experience the magic of the Sahara. Imagine riding a camel across golden dunes, witnessing a breathtaking sunset, and spending a night under a blanket of stars in a cozy Berber tent. This desert adventure promises to be a highlight of your trip!
3-day Desert tour from Fes to Marrakech

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