Where to begin your Morocco Trips?

Morocco is a lovely country to visit in northern Africa. There are many places to see, a lot to do, and a lot to see during our Morocco Trips. So what are the cities of international airports in Morocco? What are the best towns where visitors go?

For long journeys from Marrakesh, Fes, Casablanca, and Tangier our custom tour in Morocco is generally started. Both of these are full of sights to explore. They are also the location of Moroccan international airports.
Many tourists commence their journey from Casablanca on long tours beginning in 7 days. If your trip is long enough, you will mostly visit all of Morocco’s best attractions. To say nothing, in short trips, Casablanca is normally omitted even when you arrive. It also features an international airport, Fes is a cultural town of Morocco. The majority of journeys start in Merzouga, the desert of the Sahara. If you want to visit the blue Chefchaouen City and Tetouan, Tangiers is the best city to begin from.

Any of these 4 cities have we personalized below. However, from different towns like Agadir, and Ouarzazate, we can tailor a different road trip… For your schedule Contact us.

Customized Morocco tours:

If the following Customized Morocco tours do not correspond to what you want on your trip to Morocco. Our team can schedule your tour or day trip from where you live or where you will arrive in Morocco. To schedule yours now, please use our contact form.

Berber Camping

The greatest thing to do is camp at a Berber tent in Merzouga. This is a migratory Berber experience. Overnight here, most travelers who book one of our tours in Morocco have plenty of time to fly to the desert.

Camel Riding

It is the ideal means of transport to travel the desert. Besides it is the one used by the nomadic tribes. The camel or the dromedary are the animals of choice for anyone wishing to discover the immensity of the Moroccan Sahara, in optimal conditions, without noise, smoothly. Some precautions are necessary. When the camel or dromedary stands up, it leans forward and backward. The passenger, comfortably installed on a leather saddle, must hold on tightly to the reins. Otherwise, beware of falling. Then, you have to let yourself be carried by the rhythmic and quiet swing of the animal. To avoid pain in the back after a day of riding a camel or dromedary, you must avoid being contracted. However, as soon as the camel or dromedary adopts its cruising rhythm, its passenger is reassured and can enjoy trekking in the desert.