Hot Air Balloon in Marrakech, Morocco
Hot Air Balloon in Marrakech, Morocco

Hot Air Balloon in Marrakech, Morocco: An Unforgettable Experience

If you’re interested to do the Hot Air Balloon in Marrakech, Morocco, or other aerial sports like parachuting, head to Rabat, Morocco, and contact the Royal Moroccan Federation for Light Aviation and Aerial Activities. They have all the information you need.

The Best Place to Take a Hot Air Balloon in Marrakech, Morocco

For the most incredible hot air ballooning experience, travel to the Western High Atlas highlands near Marrakech. This is the premier location in Morocco for hot-air ballooning adventures.

Hot Air Ballooning Gained Popularity Thanks to Richard Branson

Richard Branson, a hot air balloon enthusiast, put Moroccan hot air ballooning on the map when he took a flight from Marrakech in his Virgin Challenger balloon. Branson even built a luxurious resort in the Atlas Mountains so guests could enjoy hot air balloon rides nearby.

The Unforgettable Thrill of a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Many people become hooked on the exhilarating feeling of riding in a hot air balloon. The serenity of gliding silently through the air with breathtaking panoramic views below is an unmatched experience.

Plan for an Early Start

Be prepared for an early wake-up call if you want to go hot-air ballooning. Most hot air balloon pilots take off before sunrise, so expect a hotel pick-up around 5 or 6 am depending on the season.

Safety Measures During Your Flight

For your safety, hot air balloon pilots are in constant communication with ground vehicles that follow the balloon. This allows the pilot to inform the crew of their landing location in case of any issues.

Witness Breathtaking Views

During your one-hour hot air balloon ride, you’ll be treated to stunning views of the Atlas Mountains, the Oued Tinsift, and the Al Hawuz Plain.

Berber Breakfast and More

Upon landing in a Berber village, you’ll have time for a delicious breakfast and explore the local markets before heading back to your accommodations.

Booking Your Ride

Several hot air balloon ride packages are available. Be sure to book your ride in advance, as they fill up quickly. The Hot Air Balloon Company will provide you with a certificate commemorating your flight.

What to Pack

Dress warmly for the chilly morning temperatures. Bring sunglasses for the sunshine, and most importantly, don’t forget your camera to capture this unforgettable experience!

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