3 days tour from Agadir to Merzouga

3 days tour from Agadir to Merzouga

Tour overview:

There are many highlights on our 3 days tour from Agadir to Merzouga. During this journey, you will get a taste of real desert life by riding camels overnight in the desert, staying in a well-equipped Berber tent, listening to Berber music, playing Berber drums with Berbers, and gazing at the starry nights full of stars and a beautiful galaxy. The kasbah ait ben haddoudades gorgestodra gorgesberber village atlas mountainsziz valleys Ifrane (known as the Moroccan Switzerland) and more will be discovered along the way of this tour. Traveling from Agadir to Merzouga is the greatest way to see a large chunk of Morocco while having a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in the desert and taking in the scenery along the way.

Tour highlights

Tour itinerary

Day 1: Agadir – Taroudant – Taliouine – Taznakht – Ouarzazate

3 days tour from Agadir to Merzouga early in the morning, with a brief detour to admire the historic ramparts of Taroudant. Then continue to Taliouine, which is known for producing saffron and is considered the hub of Morocco’s “Saffron Cooperative” saffron growing region, and then to Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah, Morocco’s largest Kasbah. We’ll stop 30 kilometers from Ouarzazate in the famed Kasbah Ait Benhaddou. Continue to Ouarzazate via the Kasbah, which is one of the most remarkable red earth castles lining the ancient road of the Kasbahs and is a UNESCO world heritage site., dubbed “the Hollywood of Africa,” the town has one of the world’s largest studios where many of the movies you may have seen were shot, including “Gladiator,” “Jewel of the Nile,” and “The Sahara.” Check into your Riad/Hotel, where dinner and breakfast will be provided.

Day 2: Ouarzazate – Dades Gorge – Todra Gorge – Merzouga Desert

Drive back through the “Road of the Thousand Kasbahs” – the amazing “sandcastles” – after breakfast in the hotel. We’ll continue on our journey to Kalaat Mgouna, also known as “The Flowers City,” for its roses and yearly festival in May, and then on to Dades Valley and Tinghir, where we’ll see Todra Valley. From the old mud Berber villages, take in the breathtaking views of the valley. Arrive in the Gorge and take a walk beneath the 300-meter-high red wall, where many rock-climbers come to practice their favorite sport. We continue our journey to Erfoud and Rissani for lunch, after which we depart for Merzouga, where your camel will be waiting for you. Explore the enigmatic Erg-Chebbi sand-sea before mounting your camel with the help of an experienced camel guy. You’ll spend the night here under the stars, or in a genuine Berber nomad tent if you like.

Day 3: Merzouga – Rissani – Alnif  – Taznakht – Taliouine – Agadir

In the morning, we’ll ride camels back to Merzouga. After breakfast and a wash in your Merzouga riad, depart for Rissani (formerly Sijilmassa), the birthplace of the Alaouite dynasty, Morocco’s current ruling family. This is a highly traditional Moroccan town, with the majority of the ladies veiled and the men hooded. We’ll keep driving through Alnif, Tazarine, Nkob, and Agdiz on our way to Agadir. We’ll take in the sights of the interesting Draa Valley, which is home to hundreds of Berber Kasbahs, before continuing to Taznakht, Taliouine, and Agadir after dark.

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My girlfriend and I did a tour to Morocco with Trips Around Morocco and everything was 100% arranged, we did 3 days tour from Agadir to Merzouga Mohamed was our driver and he did make it better than we thought, he is a real gentleman and he gives us enough time to stop and discover the places, Mohamed lives as a nomad he did take us to have lunch with his family and all was so delicious, we will do it once again with you guys!!

Mariana H

April 2018

We did a 3 days tour from Agadir to Merzouga with Trips Around Morocco and it was the best experience that we have to do, my friends and I did really enjoy the tour with Mustapha was our guide and he really explained to us the cultures of Berbers and Arabic, which we did really feel that we have visited Morocco, highly recommended. Thanks Trips Around Morocco.


March 2018

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Highlights overview


Agadir, Morocco’s regional capital, is situated to the south of the Atlas Mountains. The shorter variant of the Berber phrase “Agadir n Irir,” which means “fortified granary,” is “Agadir n Irir.” Due to its modern construction and open grounds, it is a popular tourist destination. The beaches are peaceful and ideal for aquatic activities. There are various resorts where you may relax and enjoy excellent Moroccan hospitality.

The exact origin of this name is unknown. Geschiedenis Agadir However, there may be some connection to a fort erected north of town by a Portuguese trader in the year 1505. King Manuel I of Portugal later bought it and turned it into a fortress city. It was a time when the port of Agadir was a major seaport serving Sudan and Guinea.

It was taken by the Irish Saad in 1541. However, it was ruled by the Berber Kingdom of Souss in the 17th century and then conquered by Moulay Ismail during Agadir’s golden age. Sisi Abdellah Mohammed shut down the port and established a new Essouira, which saw its splendor fade.

The Agadir Crisis, which occurred between France and Germany in 1911, resulted in France establishing a protectorate over Morocco. The city’s darkest moments were the 15 seconds on February 29, 1960, at midnight, when an earthquake demolished the entire city, killing hundreds. It completely obliterated the historic Kasbah. King Mohammed V of Morocco, on the other hand, took the disaster as a challenge to reconstruct the city. Agadir was rebuilt 3 kilometers to the south of its original location.


Ouarzazate is a well-connected Moroccan city with a huge number of hotels that are excellently designed for tourism. If you’re planning a visit to the city, here’s a look at its history and must-see attractions… Ouarzazate is unlike other Moroccan cities of its size, with a population of around 105,200 people. Its main point is the long and wide Avenue Muhammed V, which begins before the city and runs alongside modern buildings, including the Tifoultoutte Kasbah until it terminates after Ouarzazate.

Ouarzazate is geared for high-volume tourism and is well-established, with a large number of high-quality hotels but few eateries. Except in the center, where a classic Moroccan market reigns supreme, Ouarzazate has a peculiar and desolate sense to it. History of Ouarzazate The Moroccan city of Ouarzazate is located in the south of the country. Its name comes from a Berber term that means “without noise or confusion.” Tourists passing through on their route to the Sahara Desert frequently stop here. The majority of them make a pit break to resupply their supplies before continuing to the vast deserts.

If you are considering a similar trip, you might consider stopping at Ouarzazate for a day or two; it is well worth a visit. Before continuing to the virgin Sahara, many tourists are awestruck by the wonderful and spiritual moments of life in this metropolis. Another reason for its appeal is the presence of large film studios. Ouarzazate is a city rich in cultural diversity and artistic traditions. It was historically a modest crossing place for African traders heading to Morocco’s northern cities and Europe. It was created and enlarged as a garrison town, administrative center, and customs station under the French occupation.

Merzouga desert

If you ask me which African country has the most diverse landscapes and unrivaled cultural attractions, I will tell you that Morocco is the only one that satisfies all of those criteria. This North African country has a lot to offer visitors, including a diverse range of exciting tourist spots. Merzouga has established itself as a popular tourist attraction in Morocco. This is a beautiful and charming location brimming with mystery and allure. Reaching this location has never been easier because of the government’s well-developed infrastructure. Many people consider Merzouga to be the jewel of the Sahara, so don’t forget to include it in your trip itinerary so you may experience the magical experience firsthand.

Merzouga’s location should be relatively accessible these days. Rissani is about 35 kilometers away from this small Moroccan community in the southeast. It is located 20 kilometers from the Algerian border. Because there is a 45-kilometer distance between Erfoud and this village, it may take longer to get there. Unfortunately, in 2006, this lovely community was hit by terrible flash floods. Not only had the calamity claimed some lives, but it had also displaced approximately 1,200 people. This village has effectively rebounded and restored a prominent position in the country’s tourism industry. Merzouga is now a popular Moroccan tourist attraction, attracting tens of thousands of visitors each year.

All visitors to Merzouga will find plenty to enjoy. Merzouga is not only famed for its Erg Chebbi but is also known for being the country’s largest natural body of water. This village has served as a wonderful home to a variety of ethnic groups. In this village, you will not only discover Berbers, but you will also find Arabs. The residents of this community are all quite welcoming to visitors. Every tourist to Merzouga will be made to feel at ease. Many visitors may stay days in the area as a result of this.

There are numerous activities that you can participate in to make your visit to this village more unforgettable. A single-day excursion to Merzouga would not be enough to visit all of the intriguing corners of the city. The overnight camel treks are one of the most interesting ways to experience your Merzouga stay. The neighboring dunes of Erg Chebbi offer a wonderful leisure activity. Hiring a 4×4 vehicle and driving it over the dunes is a popular pastime for many visitors. Camping and sand skiing are among the popular activities at Merzouga. Many international tourists are drawn to this area because of its residents.

Foreign visitors are fascinated by how the Berbers go about their daily lives. While dining and drinking mint tea with the people, some travelers have a terrific time. They have the impression of being a visitor rather than a tourist. It’s difficult to find an experience like this anywhere else.

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